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The partner that is most prepared for your international activities, who acts as an extension of your company.

How we operate

A complete portfolio of services that are specialized and focused on the movement of products controlled by ANVISA.

Get to know the solution

Imports and exports with agility, punctuality, and safety through personalized solutions.

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  • Vision and experience

    We understand your international process as being relevant and strategic. Our goal is to serve you with comprehensive solutions, applied to the entire foreign trade logistics chain. With over 11 years of experience, we understand that a clear understanding of your company is necessary.


    Safe and agile solutions built through the continuous enhancement of our human resources and systemic updates.

    Agility and excellence

    We can advise you with excellence, both in the planning and the execution of your imports and exports. Our teams work in tune and strategically to provide growth to your company with the best management of processes, deadlines, and costs.

    Safe and agile solutions applied to Foreign Trade to support the growth of your company.

    A national presence with operations in the main ports and airports in Brazil.

  • SCHead office

    Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 156

    Glória - 89216-215


    + 55 47 3026-7903

    + 55 47 3029-2240

  • SCBranch office

    Rua Samuel Heusi, 463 - Sl. 413

    Centro - 88301-320


    + 55 47 2125-0640

    + 55 47 2033-6200

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