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Customs Assistance

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Recognized by our competence, acting on the different aspects of customs operations with importer and exporter companies that require specialized support.

Temporary admission

Consists of the customs procedure that allows the entry of certain goods into the country, with a specified purpose and period, with the complete or partial suspension of the payment of customs taxes on imports. This is a good alternative when there is an interest on the part of a company to import a good into Brazil with the intention of using it for a fixed period.

Special customs procedures are instituted by the economic interest of the country, in situations in which it does not make sense to charge the tax.

There are two options after the merchandise fulfills its purpose in the country:

  • Return overseas (reexportation)
  • Nationalization (if the product is registered in Brazil, e.g., Anvisa and/or Inmetro, among others)

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To make national products more competitive in the foreign market

Allow that taxes on imports may be suspended, exempted, or restituted when the imported input is destined to the production of a product that will later be exported.

Responsible for 29% of the entire tax benefit granted by the Federal Government in the last four years.


The benefit may be used for inputs that will be applied in the production of goods that will be destined for direct export, through a trading company, or in intermediary material.

The Special Drawback Customs Procedure is a significant Brazilian instrument of an export incentive since it allows reducing the taxes on the import and acquisition in the domestic market for employment or consumption in the industrialization of a product to be exported. This mechanism contributes to Brazilian companies becoming more competitive in the international market.

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RADAR License

Who needs it?

Companies that intend to operate with Foreign Trade in Brazil must seek a license for RADAR (Environment System for the Registration and Tracking of the Operation of Customs Interveners).

This process will give the company access to Siscomex, where the documents pertaining to import and export customs clearance are generated.

What is RADAR?

RADAR is a record that makes the company apt to export and import merchandise. The RADAR license modalities are Private Individual and Legal Entity. The Legal Entity modality is divided into submodalities:

Express - up to USD 50 thousand;

Limited - up to USD 150 thousand;

Unlimited - without defined value.

The RADAR validity is for six months. If the company has no export and/or import activities during this period, it will have its RADAR suspended. It must apply for renewal when doing a new Foreign Trade operation.

Some documents are necessary for requesting a RADAR license, and they guide the decision of the Federal Revenue about the submodalities.

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