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Yes Medical

Taking care of health goes
far beyond what can be seen.

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We know the ways and difficulties to
import health products in Brazil.

We have brought together years of experience and a team of technical experts in this area to offer you: strategic planning,
consistent processes, financial and tax assessment, regulatory support, operations and logistics performance with agility,
quality and safety, to ensure the strengthening of your business.

Count on the experience of professionals who breathe the subject.

With deep knowledge and experience in the health area in Brazil, we offer combined services for complete solution of the international trade chain from import, storage and distribution of medical products (related), cosmetics and household sanitizers.

Our goal is to offer you competitive advantages through our experience and intelligence in processes related to products, value stream information and costs. We have created a tax and financial planning that clearly presents an estimate of results, which directs decision making related the financial health of the business.

Starting an import process of health products is a serious, bureaucratic matter and requires a lot of regulation. But of all this we understand.

We are the complete and safe way to register, import, store and distribute.

  • Know-how

    Years of experience in importing health products, related, cosmetics and sanitizers.

  • Tax Intelligence

    Located in Santa Catarina, we can offer you legal, fiscal and logistical benefits that only our state has.

  • Compliance

    Above all, we believe good practices becomes a long term journey, always working with ethics, integrity and transparency with government agents and business partners. We know this market and we look for data and facts to provide the best for your business.

  • Our solutions and how we can help you.

    Regulation of companies and products.

    In order to import and sell products in Brazilian market, good communication with government agencies is essential, especially when it comes to health products. We are specialists, our commitment is to bring credibility to your business to the vision of the Brazilian government, providing you:

    • CNPJ hosting: tranquility and tax advantages for your operation;
    • Advice for ANVISA business regulation:quality system, compliance and inspection;
    • Product registration: maintenance and periodic evaluation of sanitary licenses (ANVISA, INMETRO and others), responsibility with consumer protection agencies, support and coordination of Recall.
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    Import of products.

    Our mission is to bring your product to Brazil with the planning and management of those who understand how complex this whole process is. With this, we provide advice for financial planning and health care of your business.

    • Logistic planning: from the freight and insurance quotation to the arrival of the product in Brazil;
    • Tax / financial planning: estimate the best cost-benefit for you to decide the type of import that suits your business;
    • Complete process management: with availability of all Yes Focus Group solutions in all customs clearance procedures, tax classification, ex-tariff, special regimes and international transport insurance;
    • Cost optimization with the Yes Trading solution, for import by Account and Order, or import on Demand.
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    Storage and distribution.

    When we deal with health products, we need to prove and ensure Anvisa the physical and sanitary integrity of the goods. Thinking about it, we have structured a regulated and biosecure process that delivers

    • Warehouse: with structures and people trained to keep It sanitized;
    • Specialized transport and traceability: partnership in transport to ensure the traceability of your product from the country of origin until the arrival at the final customer;
    • Support for product labeling suitability.
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    Yes Medical is the real opportunity to increase the profitability of your business.

    Imagine being able to have by your side the experience of those who has dedicated a life of work
    in the medical and dental products sector and who knows like no other the challenges and opportunities of the sector.

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