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Door to door

We develop customized solutions to meet the needs of the Clients in the Door-to-door modality of the importation and/or exportation processes.

Present around the globe through the international network of WCA agents

It is a set of actions that include the Planning, Operation, and Flow Control of merchandise or services from the contact with the supplier until the delivery to the client in another country.

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Account and Order Import

Tax Reduction

The Account and Order operation is the outsourcing performed by the company that is acquiring the merchandise. This company hires a service provider, who will play the role of importer responsible for managing all the originating resources of the acquiring contractor, besides following the import process, such as the customs clearance.

The Account and Order sale is regulated and legally recognized by the Federal Revenue; however, both the importer and the acquiring company must meet certain conditions, requirements, and accessory tax obligations provided for in legislation.

In Santa Catarina, Brazil, there are tax benefits for Account and Order operations called Differentiated Tax Treatments, more well-known as TTDs. These TTDs may bring significant advantages and tax cost reductions for some segments of products and operation types when they are performed in the state of Santa Catarina.

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