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Customs Clearance

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What is Customs Clearance?

A procedure through which all merchandise originating from and/or destined abroad must be submitted to the Federal Revenue for entry and exit of the Brazilian territory.

All companies that wish to import or export a product need a Customs Broker to take care of the legal part of the process with the customs authorities.

Have control of your processes

To control these routines, we use systems on Web and Database platforms, where the Clients may follow the processes online.


Activity flow for exports

  1. 1Receipt of the boarding instructions
  2. 2Preparation of the documents for the boarding of loads that are dry, reefer, containerized, or in bulk.
  3. 3Requirements and clearance along with the competent bodies such as the Federal Revenue, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ibama.
  4. 4Preparation of certificates after the boarding.
  5. 5Preparation of exchange documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, and letter of delivery.
  6. 6Follow-up of the registration of the boarding and the proof of export.
  7. 7Delivery of documents to the bank, the exporter, and the importer.

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We offer our Clients the Import Management service, with all the procedures that precede the boarding of the merchandise. The importer makes the purchase and provides us their details (price, volume, incoterm, payment conditions, boarding forecast, the ports of origin and destination, etc.).

From there on, we communicate with the exporter, hiring the international freight, making the follow-up of the cargo and documentation, and following the clearance process along with the brokers until the delivery of the cargo at the final destination indicated by the importer. This service may be performed at the Yes Focus premises or the Client's house (In House).

Activity flow for imports

  1. 1We guide our clients upon making the decision to perform an import, assessing logistical costs and prerequisites of the operation.
  2. 2Upon receiving the pro forma, we perform the analysis of the document vis-à-vis the customs legislation and the administrative requirements to define the proper procedures.
  3. 3When provided for in the appropriate legislation, we submit the Import License (IL) to the consenting body and inform the client when it is granted.
  4. 4Upon receiving the boarding documentation, we perform the document analysis and guide the importer about possible document corrections that must be requested to the exporter. We also arrange for the Cash Request to cover the clearance expenses.
  5. 5We follow the arrival of the ship/aircraft/truck/train to the border point and check the cargo conditions with the bonded enclosure so to detect possible damages.
  6. 6Next, we arrange for the registration of the Import Declaration with Siscomex, performing the pertinent payments.
  7. 7We fulfill the tax requirements in the several parameterization channels and proceed to the clearance with the customs authorities and consenting bodies (Anvisa, MAPA, Army, etc.).
  8. 8After the clearance of the merchandise and at the client's discretion, we guide them about the issuance of the XML file and/or mirror of the bill of sale and hire transporters for sending the merchandise to the importer.

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